PANTONE Trade & Save initiative offers you a cash refund when you update your old colour guide

Published: Wednesday 27th September 2017

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The PANTONE Trade & Save scheme makes it easier than ever for creative professionals to update their colour guides in order to ensure they are using accurate tools, whilst saving money in the process!

The PANTONE Trade & Save initiative gives you the chance to trade-in your old PANTONE guide and receive a refund of up to £60 when purchasing a PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide, ColorBridge (Coated or Uncoated), ColorBridge Set, or Solid Chip Book. What's more, if you upgrade to a Solid Guide Set and return any of the items listed in the table below, you will also receive a £60 refund!

Why upgrade your PANTONE guide?

PANTONE pride themselves on using only the finest paper substrates for their multimedia graphic tools. But the fact is, all paper stocks yellow over time, from exposure to air or sunlight, or simply from use, which changes the appearance of the ink's colour.

In order to ensure you have the most accurate colour for specification and evaluation, PANTONE recommend that you replace your guides and books every 12-18 months.

How does the Trade & Save scheme work?

The Trade & Save scheme works in three easy steps:

1. Purchase a brand-new PANTONE guide from eligible guides are included in the table below.

2. Send us your old PANTONE guide/s in the post using our freepost address: Trade & Save Promotion,
Typemaker Ltd, t/a Grafipress
Spectrum Point, 164 Clapgate Lane
B32 3DE

3. You will be refunded the trade-in or upgrade value into your account. On receipt of your item/s, we will check them and you will be refunded within 5 working days.

Eligible guides for the Trade & Save scheme:




Formula Guide



ColorBridge (Coated or Uncoated)



ColorBridge Set



Solid Chip Book



Avoid letting inaccurate guides get in the way of your creativity. Upgrade your PANTONE colour guide today!

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